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Everybody Loves Popcorn!! Especially Us!!

Coastal Corn began with our family's love of popcorn!  No matter what event popcorn is always a highlight and loved by everyone!  We decided to extend our love of popcorn by opening our own Gourmet Popcorn business "Coastal Corn" !  But we didn't want to be just another ordinary popcorn business with popcorn full of artificial flavors and chemicals.  We wanted something healthy but yet delicious.  So through our commitment to keep our popcorn unique and healthier we only popp in organic coconut oil.  All of our gourmet flavors are made from scratch, with all natural ingredients. Our caramel for example is made from real butter, brown sugar, sea salt, corn syrup  & vanilla.  While most popcorn companies use only pre-made mixes full of added chemicals and preservatives; we do not.

Our commitment to our customers is to keep our popcorn as healthy and natural as possible.  Make your party POP with Coastal Corn !!!


~Kim, Dave and Emily Ondechek

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